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HPMS has a COVID-19 policy and procedures in place. If you are unwell, please have your lesson online instead of in person.

Unable to attend the studio in person? Private online lessons are offered at HPMS.

  • Face to face lessons via FaceTime, Zoom, Facebook Messenger Video or Skype
  • Take lessons when contagious but well enough to have a lesson
  • Take lessons when traveling for work or play
  • Take lessons from another city in Australia or anywhere in the world
  • Lessons are charged at the same rate as the Ongoing and Occasional Packages

We regularly share educational content and resources on our YouTube channel! You can watch our practice tip series below, or go the the channel to check out the extensive library of vocal exercises.

Online courses for music theory, composition and songwriting are in development.

Check out our online workshops featuring professional arts industry practitioners!