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Helen Perris Music Studio Piano Singing Lessons Lalor Park Blacktown Hills District Western Sydney Testimonials

“I can’t say enough about the transformative experience my daughter has had at Helen Perris Music School. Under the guidance of the incredibly talented Helen Perris, my daughter has not only developed her singing and piano skills but has also found a true passion for music. Helen’s dedication, patience, and expertise make each lesson a joy for my daughter, and her personalized approach ensures that she feels supported and challenged every step of the way. Thanks to Helen Perris Music School, my daughter’s confidence has soared, and her musical abilities have flourished beyond my wildest expectations. I wholeheartedly recommend Helen Perris Music School to any parent looking to inspire their child’s love for music.”

– Preeti

“There are piano teachers and then there are great piano teachers.
I have always known that my son learns differently. This is where Helen comes in. She meets the child where he is at. She assesses what the child is capable of and extends him to where he could maximise his potential. She does not only share her technical expertise but helps develop my son’s musicality. Helen allows my child to play not only the pieces he has to play (to build his skills), but music he actually enjoys playing. She understands that no two children are the same, and she nurtures and celebrates the gifts of her students. A great piano teacher, Helen inspires my son to play with his heart and soul.”

– Dianne

“Bella has been my daughter’s piano teacher for the past couple of years. My daughter loves attending her piano lessons and has become a more confident piano player due to Bella’s guidance. Bella is patient, approachable and kind which allows my daughter to feel comfortable with making mistakes and learning from them. I would highly recommend Bella as a piano teacher to others.”

– Anne-Marie

“My son has enjoyed the piano lessons with Bella. Bella is a great teacher. She provides good instruction and is very supportive. My son could be confident to have a duet with her in Helen Perris Music Studio’s annual concert after two months of learning with her. My son has improved his skills thanks to Bella, and we can enjoy the music he plays. Thank you Bella.”

– Thu

“Bella has been a wonderful teacher to my son. She is very patient and makes learning fun. My son always enjoys himself in her class and as a result is learning a lot and loving music.”

– Liz

“Bella is an exceptional piano teacher with all the qualities needed to make learning fun and rewarding. Her kindness and patience helps to create an environment that is friendly and inspiring. My daughter looks forward to her lessons each week with Bella and is inspired by her love of music.”

– Candice

“Bella has been an amazing piano teacher and I have learnt so much piano pieces. Bella always helps me when I am struggling in some of my piano pieces. She also makes learning piano really fun and I always look forward to my piano lessons.”

– Rafael aged 9

“Choosing Bella as our son’s piano teacher was one of the best decisions we’ve made for his musical journey. Her patience, warmth, and ability to tailor lessons to his age and skill level have made learning the piano an absolute joy for our 5-year-old. Not only has she instilled a love for music in him, but she has also nurtured his confidence and creativity. Bella’s dedication to her students shines through in every lesson, and we couldn’t be more grateful for the positive impact she’s had on our son’s musical development.”

– Vickna

“My two boys have been studying with HPMS for the last five years, ever since they started kindy. It is arguably the best place to start one’s musical journey, to simply enjoy music and to be guided by a dedicated and inspiring teacher. Helen is super supportive and is always there with 120% fun and energy. That’s how her students all have a genuine love for music and a healthy portion of enthusiasm. We are thankful and very happy Helen’s the first music teacher of the boys.”

– Yen

“Bella has been a patient and inspirational teacher for my daughter. She nurtures and helps her develop her piano skills, while motivating her to achieve her best results. We are so happy to have her as our teacher and my daughter’s piano skills and confidence is thriving under her guidance.”

– Heba

“A few months ago when I asked my daughter if she wants to attend her piano lesson on her birthday evening, she exclaimed: ‘Yes of course, it will be the perfect end to my birthday!’ My daughter loves music but she adores her piano teacher Bella. A teacher can make or break a person’s love for a subject. Bella’s love for music is contagious and she has a kind, nurturing nature when passing that love on. She makes the lessons fun and is very patient. I’m amazed at how much my daughter learnt in 2 terms with Bella.”

– Elbé

“Although we have met Bella about 3 months ago when our son started his first piano lesson with her at HPMS, it feels like we’ve known her for years! Bella is friendly and calm and has a fun approach when teaching music to kids. She has been very patient and creative with our son as he started his piano learning journey with her from the very beginning. Bella has guided, encouraged and motivated him to not only be able to play music pieces independently but to also feel the joy that playing music can bring to him. Our son looks forward to his lessons each week and he even enjoys his home practice too! This is no surprise of course when you have a brilliant teacher like Bella.”

– Suzi

“Both my children have been doing piano lessons with Bella for 2 terms now, and I’m so impressed with how much they’ve learnt in a short time. Bella is incredibly calm and patient with them, and finds ways to teach them important fundamental skills and technique in a fun way. They actually enjoy practicing at home and argue about who gets to go first for practicing or their lessons. I’m so grateful we found HPMS and look forward to the rest of their piano learning journey.”

– Crystal

“Dear Bella, we’d like to let you know how much our daughter is enjoying her piano lessons with you. You have a lovely ability to make the lessons light and fun for her and at the same time you have great attention to detail and don’t let things slip. After 2 terms now it’s wonderful to witness how much she has learned and that she enjoys playing and learning. Thank you very much!”

– Carolin

“Bella is a very good teacher. She helps me fix things that I don’t know how to fix. Bella is a calm, happy and kind teacher. She makes me feel cheerful in my lessons.”

– G. aged 7

“Our daughter started piano lessons with Helen six months ago and we are amazed by the amount of music she has learnt and can play confidently already. Helen clearly has a genuine joy and love of music along with a depth of musical and technical knowledge that is indescribable. As a result of Helen’s upbeat and encouraging teaching style, along with her enjoyable and inspiring song choices, our daughter is excited to go to lessons every week and sad when school holiday breaks come around! We recommend Helen to anyone who wants their child to learn piano in a safe and supportive environment with the ultimate aim to develop a life long love of music, learning and ability.”

– Nicole & Mat

“Helen is a great teacher and a really inspiring coach and mentor. I have learned so much from her, she has helped me grow my confidence, educated my voice and helped me create good habits. Helen is super dedicated and loves what she does. Thanks to Helen, I am now very confident with my musical theatre skills.”

– Natalia

“As a mother of 2 students who do classes with Helen, I can say that Helen is a great teacher and person. I know my daughters are in great hands. Helen nurtures their voices and supports my girls at acquiring new skills with a mentorship approach that helps my girls be more confident when they follow Helen’s techniques and recommendations. It is hard to find teachers that are highly respected by teenagers and Helen is one of those rare gems loved by parents and students. I highly recommend Helen.”

– Karina

“My daughter has been receiving vocal and piano lessons at HPMS for almost a year. Over this time, my daughter has become more focussed with her learning and confident in accepting new challenges. Helen is extremely professional and personable with students and parents. My daughter looks forward to learning music with Helen each week. At the end of last year, my daughter got an offer to learn the flute with her school band. She was beyond excited and could not have achieved this dream without Helen’s guidance and support. My daughter has been receiving music lessons since age 2 and nothing compares to Helen’s teaching methods. Her lessons are fun and engaging. A learning environment where exploration and creativity are nurtured and encouraged!”

– Katrina

“My teenage daughter has been learning from Helen for quite a number of years now, and absolutely adores her. Helen has a knack for understanding teens and helping them to thrive. My daughter learns piano and voice, and dabbles in composition. Through Helen’s patient coaching, I have watched her become a confident performer, even winning Eisteddfods. Helen is able to achieve just the right balance of serious and fun in lessons and is able to nurture and develop my daughter’s desire to develop her music skills in various capacities. Thank you Helen!”

– Dianna

“The past 9 years with Helen have been an outstanding musical journey. Helen has helped me grow in piano, teaching me new and valuable skills which have successfully helped me with many performances such as Hawkesbury Eisteddfod and the completion of my HSC. Helen’s dedication to her students is always present in the studio and concert environment which makes learning the piano more enjoyable. Helen’s quirky ways of teaching allow students, of all ages, to find new ways the learn their favourite, or difficult, pieces. Thank you Helen for your dedication to us.”

– Bella

“I had vocal lessons with Helen all throughout high school and she was one of the best teachers I had. Not only is she a master of her craft, but she offered me so much support, especially throughout my HSC. My vocal skills improved substantially and I still practice the same warm-ups that Helen taught me. Would highly recommend to anyone looking for vocal or piano lessons.”

– Noni

“Helen has helped me develop as a vocalist. She has paid especial attention to ensuring I focus on maintaining an impeccable vocal technique. She has been my mentor, providing me with constant support and a wealth of knowledge for the past 6 years.”

– Kira

“Helen is a fantastic teacher. She encourages, motivates, challenges & creates a safe & friendly environment for us as students. She has been able to put me at ease & help me to relax & enjoy learning to sing.”

– Jenny

“The two years I spent as Helen’s student have been invaluable in my development as a singer. Her knowledge of both classical and contemporary techniques introduced me to two very different methods of singing, and helped me find the right mix for my voice. As well as this, Helen is infectiously enthusiastic and has left me addicted to musical theatre. Because I knew her, I have been changed for good.”

– Holly

“Helen delivers abundant commitment, energy and fun to her lessons while at the same time creating a safe, relaxed and supportive space to learn and experiment. I get the sense each lesson is tailored specifically to my goals, and to help overcome obstacles unique to myself, as no two students are the same. Her generosity with sharing her knowledge, and flexibility in different genres, have allowed me to access a broad range of music I otherwise would not have experienced. I’’ve never felt more inspired to practice and improve than before – highly recommended!”

– Leo

“My daughter tinkered a lot with the piano but wanted to learn how to play it properly. Helen was highly recommended and before long, my daughter couldn’t wait to come home from school and rehearse the piece/s Helen had taught her. She has come a long way in such a short time. This is one bill I don’t mind paying!!!”

– Anna

“I’’ve gained more from a few lessons with Helen than I have from more than a year with other singing teachers. She uses all her training, experience, teaching skill and sense of humour to make you the best singer you can possibly be… highly recommended!”

– Lynn

“I am a retiree who decided to learn the piano very late in life. I originally tried to learn from books and another music teacher but without making very much progress. However, since having fortnightly lessons from Helen for over a year now, my progress is good. Helen’s patience, enthusiasm and endless good humour make the lessons an all round pleasant experience. Helen is clearly a talented teacher and is experienced with students of all ages.”

– Dennis

“After starting lessons with Helen, I have learnt more about piano technique, and actually understanding the music that I play than in the years I spent learning the piano with other teachers.  My lessons with her are always structured and organized so that after every lesson, I feel that I have learnt something new. Having lessons with her has meant I am now more confident of my abilities and what I can achieve!”

– Leane