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Helen Perris Music Studio Piano Singing Lessons Lalor Park Blacktown Hills District Western Sydney Testimonials

“Helen has helped me develop as a vocalist. She has paid especial attention to ensuring I focus on maintaining an impeccable vocal technique. She has been my mentor, providing me with constant support and a wealth of knowledge for the past 6 years.”

– Kira

“Helen is a fantastic teacher. She encourages, motivates, challenges & creates a safe & friendly environment for us as students. She has been able to put me at ease & help me to relax & enjoy learning to sing.”

– Jenny

“The two years I spent as Helen’s student have been invaluable in my development as a singer. Her knowledge of both classical and contemporary techniques introduced me to two very different methods of singing, and helped me find the right mix for my voice. As well as this, Helen is infectiously enthusiastic and has left me addicted to musical theatre. Because I knew her, I have been changed for good.”

– Holly

“Helen delivers abundant commitment, energy and fun to her lessons while at the same time creating a safe, relaxed and supportive space to learn and experiment. I get the sense each lesson is tailored specifically to my goals, and to help overcome obstacles unique to myself, as no two students are the same. Her generosity with sharing her knowledge, and flexibility in different genres, have allowed me to access a broad range of music I otherwise would not have experienced. I’’ve never felt more inspired to practice and improve than before – highly recommended!”

– Leo

“My daughter tinkered a lot with the piano but wanted to learn how to play it properly. Helen was highly recommended and before long, my daughter couldn’t wait to come home from school and rehearse the piece/s Helen had taught her. She has come a long way in such a short time. This is one bill I don’t mind paying!!!”

– Anna

“I’’ve gained more from a few lessons with Helen than I have from more than a year with other singing teachers. She uses all her training, experience, teaching skill and sense of humour to make you the best singer you can possibly be… highly recommended!”

– Lynn

“I am a retiree who decided to learn the piano very late in life. I originally tried to learn from books and another music teacher but without making very much progress. However, since having fortnightly lessons from Helen for over a year now, my progress is good. Helen’s patience, enthusiasm and endless good humour make the lessons an all round pleasant experience. Helen is clearly a talented teacher and is experienced with students of all ages.”

– Dennis

“After starting lessons with Helen, I have learnt more about piano technique, and actually understanding the music that I play than in the years I spent learning the piano with other teachers.  My lessons with her are always structured and organized so that after every lesson, I feel that I have learnt something new. Having lessons with her has meant I am now more confident of my abilities and what I can achieve!”

– Leane