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Helen Perris Music Studio Lalor Park Blacktown Hills Welcome Photo

About HPMS

Helen Perris Music Studio is a creative and nurturing space for inquisitive minds of all ages. Situated in a quiet residential location on the cusp of Sydney’s Hills District, Helen Perris Music Studio provides a safe and comfortable learning environment for piano and singing students, no matter their level of experience.

“I’ve gained more from a few lessons with Helen than I have from more than a year with other singing teachers…” – Lynn

What We Teach

Helen is a highly qualified and experienced teacher who specialises in:

  • classical and contemporary piano; and
  • contemporary vocal instruction, particularly pop and musical theatre.

She is also able to provide guidance on:

  • theory and musicianship;
  • composition and songwriting; and
  • HSC Music 1, Music 2 and Extension Music courses.

We are happy to work with students over the long term, or with those seeking assistance with a shorter term project.

More Information

For further information about our studioservices and experience, please follow the links in the menu. We have a FAQ section that will answer many of your questions. Alternatively, please feel free to contact us directly to discuss your needs and goals.

Thank you for visiting.

Helen Perris


Helen Perris Music Studio was a Winner in the Outstanding Sole Trader category in the Blacktown Local Business Awards for 2018, a finalist in the Outstanding Sole Trader in 2019, and a finalist in the Outstanding Specialised Business in 2016 and 2017.